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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To receive a proposal from aiMonkey, please fill out a Request for Proposal (RFP) by visiting the RFP section on our website. After you submit your application, our team will review it and respond with a proposal within the next 7 business days. If we require additional information, we will reach out to you directly.
    Our pricing is available in the RFP section of our website, where you’ll find a price calculator. This tool allows you to assemble a team and estimate the cost of development. aiMonkey charges on an hourly basis, with options to hire resources for half-time (80 hours per month) or full-time (160 hours per month).
    aiMonkey operates exclusively on an ongoing basis, meaning we do not offer fixed price projects. Clients are responsible for any project delays, as aiMonkey does not assume responsibility for the project outcome.
    We typically send out proposals within 7 business days of receiving a request. Once the proposal is received and approved by the client, we aim to commence work within the next 2 to 4 weeks.
    aiMonkey maintains strict payment conditions. Clients are required to pay every invoice at the beginning of each month. A late fee is applied to payments delayed more than 4 days past the due date.
    Yes, all code written by aiMonkey is the property of the client. Clients will have full access to it at all times. We share the repository with the client, who becomes the owner and has full freedom to use the code as they wish.